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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Storage Products Association (SPA) and why was it formed?

A. With the world's data doubling in size every two years, the need for high-capacity, high-performance and cost-effective storage will continue to soar, whether for data stored locally, in the datacenter or in the cloud. The Storage Products Association (SPA) helps storage manufacturers and users understand and support current and future storage needs, including the key role of hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state hybrid drives as well as other storage technologies, in an effective storage mix for all consumer and business environments.

Q. What will the SPA do to help the storage industry?

A. The SPA will provide education for and build awareness to business partners, members and users of storage technologies. The SPA will also participate in market research and industry and user events and will publish materials about end users' storage needs and effective storage usage using a mix of technologies.

Q. What is the SPA's vision for future storage and technologies?

A. The role of storage devices, from HDDs to NAND to solid state hybrid drives, continues to evolve. Consumers want more performance and improved user experience; enterprises are striving to manage ever-increasing amounts of data and meet service levels for all consumers. These trends, combined with the move to the cloud, are driving the need for all kinds of storage. As that happens, our members will continue evolving their products.

Q. Who are members of the SPA? Do you anticipate others will join you?

A. The founding members are HGST, WD, Seagate and Toshiba. We anticipate others will join.

Q. How is the group structured?

A. The SPA is a mutual benefit non-profit California corporation. Its board of directors includes representatives from the founding members.

Q. Why is a group like this necessary?

A. The requirements for storage products have changed dramatically over the last ten years with the emergence of cloud computing, Internet search, social networking, big data and mobile computing. These new realities drive more data and possibly more confusion. This creates the need for users to understand how new storage solutions and technologies can be most effectively deployed and utilized in order to achieve the best possible result for their particular needs. The SPA will seek to clarify how hard drive technology, solid-state technology and variations of these technologies may be combined to effectively meet the needs of a growing storage requirement.

Factors driving the SPA and storage users include:

Q. How is the SPA different than the storage industry group IDEMA?

A. IDEMA, the International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association, typically focuses on the manufacturing and equipment aspects of the industry. The SPA will focus on awareness-building and education.

Q. How can we join the SPA?

A. Membership is open to enterprises, businesses, customers and partners. Please contact:

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  • Revenues in 2012 for disk drive manufacturers exceeded $37B, exceeding the GDP of Kenya with a population of 43 million