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About Storage Products Association

The Storage Products Association (SPA) was formed as a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation in California to help storage manufacturers and users better understand and support current and future storage needs... Learn More.

Storage Facts &Figures

This infographic presents the history of the hard disk drive industry in graphic elements that condenses the incredible story of storage innovative and how it has kept pace with the exploding demand. See it here.

Solid State Hybrid Drive

Learn More about a dynamic new category of storage. Fast performance, massive capacity, affordable - SSHD. Learn More.

What's New

Emerging Storage Technologies Topic for January Storage Visions PanelThe January 5 session "Evolve or Die, Storage Developments Drive New Storage System Options," will be moderated by Jeff Janukowicz, IDC with speakers Paul Wassenberg, SNIA SSI; Ryan Smith, Samsung; Mike James, SanDisk; Anand Srinivasan, Qualcomm and Don Jeanette, for the Storage Products Association, of Toshiba.

SPA Debuts in EuropeSPA building awareness in Europe and engaging with members of the storage ecosystem. (Blog post from Frankfurt)